Fight Preview: Nick Diaz vs. Frank Shamrock


By Garrett Bailey

The debacle is finally over. Fighters can fight. Sponsors can sponsor. Ring card girls can display over sized cards. After acquiring a number of fighters from ProElite’s roster, many fighters are finally getting to  stratch the itch to punch and get punched. StrikeForce and Showtime brings us free MMA  April 11 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. After EliteXC raped us repeatedly with Kimbo Slice, I’m more than happy with an old guy and the only pot smoker in the world no one likes as the main event. Nick Diaz and Frank Shamrock enter the cage to put on a literal war of fists. Pitty-pat jabs by Diaz, calculated ones by Shamrock. Diaz does hold 14 wins by TKO and the famous one against Robbie Lawlor. He is coming off three consecutive technical knockout victories. With his 18-7 record, Diaz is looking to get back in the groove to hand a legend a second straight loss.

Ring rust would be a factor if he wasn’t Frank Shamrock. Fighting only 6 times with only 2 losses since 2000, Shamrock is used to not fighting on a regular basis, and that also means far less hits to the head. Other than his loss to Cung Le and the disqualification against Renzo Gracie, Shamrock hasn’t lost since 1997.

Is Shamrock that much better than Diaz? Frank is a legend retiring as the 5 time UFC light heavy wieght champion. Age can play a factor with Shamrock’s arm getting busted from repeated movie-style kicks from Cung Le. But that’s Cung Le. He pretty much gassed fighting “New York Bad Ass” Phil Baroni, although he did dominate that fight. This fight will be closer than people are thinking and far  from a one-sided affair. Nick Diaz submitted Gomi when no one gave him a shot in that fight.

Nick Diaz will be winning this one by decision, just by doing a little more than the heavier Shamrock. Both these fighters are well versed on the ground, and are too good to be caught by submission.


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