UFC 95 Post Event Quick Thoughts


UFC 95 is over in London but not in the US as it airs on SpikeTV on tape-delay. Diego Sanchez fought against Joe Stevenson, Nate Mardquart fought Wilson Goveia and it was quite the event. This is a warning that if you haven’t already seen the event, do not click “read the rest of this entry.” But if you like spoilers and want to ruin it for others and be a cheater like me, go ahead and read this. I too like ruining things for people. These are my post event quick thoughts for UFC 95:

Paulo Thiago was very hyped when it was announced he was fighting Josh Koscheck. Making his UFC debut he knocks out Josh Koscheck in spectacular fashion. Debuts are usually filled with jitters, figurative butterflies in the stomach, and usually a loss against such a tough opponent. After Koscheck was setting a fast pace and pressuring early, Paulo connected on Koscheck and the fight was stopped late in the first round. I need more Thiago.

Dan Hardy made quick work of Rory Markham, with the referee stopping the fight 1:09 in the first round. After two straight wins in the UFC, Dan Hardy is letting the other welterweights in the division know that he is someone to take seriously. With a few more wins over a few top guys, he could be on the path to Georges St. Pierre’s belt.

Chael Sonnen is Demain Maia’s newest victim. It may have won “Most Predictable Fight Of The Night”. Maia has now won all of his fights in the UFC and is making a strong case for a future title shot. And if that doesn’t happen, a fight with Nate Marquart. In the UFC, that’s 3 rear naked chokes and two triangle choke victories for Maia; this triangle may have been the best.

Wilson Gouveia loses out to piledriver master Nate “The Great” Marquardt with Gouveia crumbling to the canvas. The knees and pressure was too much and the referee was forced to stop the fight in the third round. This was a good fight and went down like I thought.Marquardt will have to wait for a second title shot. If Thales Leites beats UFC Champion Anderson Silva at UFC 97, Joe Silva will be sure to have him rematch withMarquardt.

The weight cut was suppoed to hurt Deigo Sanchez. He was supposed to gas later in the fight if he couldn’t finish Joe Daddy early. A back and forth fight, with both looking to finish with gullotines in the second round, this one goes to the scorecards in an exciting fight. Like with the rest of the main event fighters, Sanchez improves his standing in the lightweight title chase. If Kenny Florian defeats BJ Penn in their expected fight at UFC 99, it will be a rematch bewteen two from Ultimate Fighters. Joe Stevenson continues to cement himself as one of the UFC’s more exciting gatekeepers.


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