XBOX Live player Joe Lauzon won’t reveal Gamertag; Out 14 Months with ACL Surgery

Xbox Live player Joe Lauzon won't reveal Gamertag.

Xbox Live player Joe Lauzon won't reveal Gamertag.

By Garrett Bailey

Joe Lauzon will be out of the octagon up to 14 months with a busted knee. He writes on

“Well, it looks like I will be having ACL surgery next week. I have had a history of bad luck with my knees. I have already had two knee surgeries… meniscectomies on both knees. Those surgeries were relatively simple because they just go in arthoscopically and shave down the meniscus. There is no stitching and no repairing done.

The surgery scheduled for next week will not be so simple. Unlike the last two times, I will need my meniscus repaired. Instead of just shaving that little piece out, they will be stitching it up and getting it to sit back in place.”

Lauzon will be playing XBOX while rehabbing his knee while training “SUPER” light in 4-5 months. If you want to play Halo, Gears of War 2 or Grand Theft Auto 4 with him, he won’t be revealing his gamertag any time soon. I have a feeling it’s “Awesome UFC Fighter” or”JLau69.” Possibly “WoWJLau.” “BigEars”….?


2 responses

  1. zyla1969

    What an eye catching headline 🙂
    Made me look anyway! LOL!

    February 28, 2009 at 1:32 am

  2. mmafia

    thanks for stopping by zyla! good to have you here…

    he should just tell everyone his gamertag and the scandal will end!!!!


    February 28, 2009 at 10:33 am

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