5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss WEC 39 This Sunday

Chicks love fighting. Invite them.

Chicks love fighting. Invite them.

By Garrett Bailey

WEC 39 is this Sunday, with a few fights you shouldn’t miss. People usually only watch the UFC and forget about the other guys. There’s nothing wrong with watching Dream, Affliction, WEC, Strikeforce. You are not cheating on Dana White. You are watching as much MMA as you can. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss WEC 39 this Sunday in no particular order:

REASON 1: There’s a featherweight title fight-Mike Brown vs. Leonard Garcia. No excuses to pass this up. Mike Brown knocked out the champ to become the champ. Urijah Faber was supposed to breeze through Brown but he had other plans. This is his first title defense as the WEC featherweight champion, and it couldn’t have come against a more deserving fighter. After the Feds were trying to pull a fast one on Leonard Garcia, he came out and knocked Jens Pulver out in the first round. The move to a lighter weight class is proving to work well for Garcia, and has a good shot at becoming the new WEC featherweight champion.

REASON 2: It’s super free. No pay-per-view here. WEC 39 is shown on the VS channel. No excuse! It’s on channel 603 on DirecTV.

REASON 3: Bart Palaszewski is looking to improve to 2-0 in the WEC. He fought in the IFL and is back to show he is still a standout fighter. He puts on exciting fights, and this is one I don’t want to miss. And besides, I hardly watched the IFL so I have to make it up to Bart. We owe it to him!

REASON 4: Marcus Hicks vs. Rob McCullough. Rob likes to bang and so does Hicks. They won’t make this a boring fight. They both lost their last fights but whatever, one of them will definitely win here. Unless there’s a freak Cecil Peoples accident.

REASON 5: Good opportunity to throw a party. Call some friends, some ladies, they bring their ladies, those ladies bring their ladies…Once the fights comes on you’re the expert and they’ll go to you to ask questions about what is going on. They’ll remember you, call you back and you’re set. You’re welcome.

Go watch WEC 39!


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