WEC 39 Recap: Mike Brown Dominates Leonard Garcia

Brown makes people tap on demand.

Brown makes people tap on demand.

By Garrett Bailey

WEC 39 was one not to miss. After Rob McCullough and Marcus Hicks started the night in the total opposite of what everyone thought that fight was going to be, the rest of the card was entertaining. Jose Aldo, Ricardo Lamas, Damacio Page, and Mike Brown showed up to fight. They were all impressive, and are now on the MMA radar.

Jose Aldo was impressive. But was Chris Mickle over-matched? His chin was there for the taking, his punches telegraphed. Once he got hit with a solid punch his mind seemed to shut off, only able to stand there and eat everything Aldo was throwing until the referee stepped in. Mickle should be thanking the ref for saving him, as that fight could have ended much worse for him. Jose Aldo should see a step up in competition so we can see what he can really do.

Ricardo Lamas stunned Bart Palaszewsk, along with the fans in attendance. Lamas brought the pressure and never let down. Palaszewski had no answers for the the take downs and couldn’t stop the ground and pound. On five days notice, Lamas fought like he had all the time to prepare, as his cardio didn’t suffer from it.

Damacio Page put a quick end to Marcos Galvao comparisons to Anderson Silva. If Galvao fights like Silva, Page should be crowned the new UFC middle weight champion. He started with a quick flurry that Galvao couldn’t defend. He was on the floor cold in 18 seconds. Page put himself on the map, and he won’t be taken lightly again.

What else would Mike Brown have done? There was a general feeling he got lucky against Urijah Faber, but let those feelings end. Brown showed he’s the real deal and right now he’s on top of the world. He could rematch against Faber, but after what he did to Leonard Garcia, I wouldn’t believe that fight would go any differently. Brown seems to have quicker hands and more power. He could be the WEC featherweight champion for a long time.


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