Paulo Thiago Fighting Jon Fitch on UFC 100? REALLY?


By Garrett Bailey

Paulo Thiago may be fighting Jon Fitch on UFC 100 according to a report by Josh Koscheck was knocked out by this guy.

Jon Fitch always shows up to fight. Shows up to win. His only defeat is to the welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. Paulo was a giant underdog against Kos so it’s not out of the question he can pull off another upset. But this is Jon Fitch.

Paulo’s UFC debut was one punch, and that one punch that got him the win was the only thing he did that kind of made up for his mediocre performance at UFC 95. If this fight goes through Paulo will have a rude introduction in his second UFC fight.

The UFC is looking to push Paulo into the “rising star” category and keep using the worn out term “meteoric rise” to describe him. Paulo is now 11-0, but still, many people doubt how good he is. And a defeat won’t do him any good. Throw him in against guys like Paul Taylor or Jonathon Goulet, and I don’t care that Goulet is already set to face Dong Hyun Kim on the exact same day.

He may be destroyed by Fitch in an even tougher test, or may have two straight wins over American Kickboxing Academy fighters.


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