Anderson Silva and Thales Leites Interview Each Other

Aspires to be on 60 Minutes

Aspires to be on 60 Minutes

By Garrett Bailey has an interesting piece where they have Anderson Silva and the man he is set to face, Thales Leites, interviewing one another in Tatame magazine’s March edition. The questions aren’t anything special, but I’ve just never heard of fighters interviewing the dude they are about to fight.
How do you feel being one of the most quoted to be the new UFC middleweight champion?
I feel privileged, honored. My work has given result, they have liked, otherwise, they wouldn’t have given me the chance to fight with you, the champion of the event and considered…
Why did you decided to fight MMA?
I saw the guys training for the Shooto at Nova União and I thought on training too. I started and I liked, I felt good…
What do you think about the athletes go to the U.S. to train? What each country (USA and Brazil) have best on training?
Each one has to look for the best, and what is happening is the sport becoming more professional. When I go there…
What is the most significant moment of your career?
My first world title, against Hayato Sakurai (at the Shooto, in 2001). This was a fight that marked a lot my career…
Andrei Arlovski would have asked Tim Sylvia “How my pee pee taste?”

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