Preview and Predictions for March Badness

Bobby Lashley comes face to face with Jason Guida

Bobby Lashley comes face to face with Jason Guida

By Garrett Bailey

The hybrid boxing/MMA March Badness event is Saturday and other than what is becoming a freak show co-main event of Bobby Lashley vs. Jason Guida no one seems to be talking about it. Most likely because it’s not a really good card. I’m trying to like at least one aspect of it because it’s MMA, and I love MMA, but there’s something about this card that doesn’t interest me at all. There could be some good fights that come out of this but that’s a long shot.

Jeff Monson and Roy Nelson might be interesting, but there’s not much to this fight that is currently pumping people up. Roy Nelson was destroyed by the guy Fedor recently destroyed.  Monson seems to be finding a good career as an anarchist. He avenged a loss to Ricco Rodriguez last December and will most likely beat Roy Nelson. With both fighters having good knowledge of jiu jitsu, they won’t be catching each other in submissions. This one is going the fat distance with Monson winning by unanimous decision.

Din Thomas is fighting some dude named Gabe Lemley. Who is Gabe Lemeley? 7-2 in his last 9 fights since 2007, it seems like he’s back on track after starting his career 6-6 from 2000-2005. He disappeared in 2006 and has 8 wins by submission. Another squash match booked with the more experienced  fighter continuing to win after being released again by the UFC after 2 straight losses. Thomas has this one in the bag via submission, although the last time I saw Lemeley fight, he borrowed Kimbo Slice’s jaw and was knocked out fairly easily, so whatever way Thomas wants to finish it Lemeley is there to provide highlight reel footage.

Bobby Lashley will get a second win against Jason Guida. From what I’ve seen from Guida, he is nothing like his younger brother. He’s an average fighter with a losing record and besides showing the MMA world his blurry nuts, he has problems making weight. Lashley will smash a gassed Guida and will get a real win this time after winning by a cut the first time around. The fight will be stopped after Guida can’t take anymore of Lashley’s ground and pound. He hasn’t faced the competition that Brock Lesnar has faced, because Lesnar fought Frank Mir in only his second fight and is now the UFC heavyweight champion, and Lashley is fighting, well, Jason Guida.

Having not watched boxing on a regular basis since Mike Tyson ate ear for dinner, there’s no reason to break down Roy Jones Jr’s fight against a boxer I have never heard of.  This one looks like another squash match, which might be the story of the night. All the favorites will be winning in Penciscola, Florida Saturday night.


3 responses

  1. Wardog

    Decent names on the card, albeit on one side. But this will only set up a Lashley vs. Monson match up in the future (since no one would care otherwise) and that’s it.

    March 20, 2009 at 10:52 pm

  2. mmafia

    monson would smash lashley. i have a feeling lashley won’t make it far in the sport….but i thought the same about brock too so…

    but yeah, squash matches can only be so exciting.

    March 20, 2009 at 10:55 pm

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