Jesse Taylor Says Junie was Worse

At least he only peed, and not drank his urine like Machida

At least he only peed, and not drank his urine like Machida

By Garrett Bailey

Jesse Taylor, the man of many nicknames, was interviewed by and talked drunk days, TUF, Junie Browning and Dana White:

Bryan Levick: Do you feel as though Dana set forth a double standard when it came to Junie Browning?

Jesse Taylor: It got me frustrated because I feel as though what he was doing was a lot worse than anything that I did but it was obvious why they kept him on the show. He was out of control from the beginning of the show and people were tuning in to see what he would do next while what I did happened at the end of the season so there was no reason for them to keep me around. I feel as though Junie should never have been kept around but it’s all about ratings. I guarantee when he suffers his first loss he will be out of the UFC if not his first then for sure with his second loss. I think he did a lot of what he did for attention and it worked.

Jesse Taylor urinated in his pants throughout the show, and played the “drunk guy.” He went on to lose in his UFC debut against CB Dolloway via Peruvian necktie. Then was cut again. He is set to fight Chris Camozzi in King of Champions this Saturday. pointed out that “You know you’re a major fuckup when Jesse “I urinated myself on national television before getting thrown out of the UFC twice” Taylor is calling you washed” up in response to Taylors comments about Drew Fickett. I agree.

But as fun as it may be to call Jesse Taylor dumb, he is right about the double standard with Junie and made an excellent point about the timing of his limousine window kick.  Make sure to read the rest of the interview on Fiveouncesofpain.


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