Paulo Filho says “Give me the money and fuck the rest”

Same shirt different day

Same shirt different day

By Garrett Bailey

Paulo Filho, former WEC champion and currently out of work, spoke on a number of topics with Tatame. Filho stated that he is “cured” from his depression and that People will have a big surprise to see Paulo Filho back.” After turning down an oppurtunity to fight for Bellator Fighting Championships, he says “I’ll go to the events that pay me better…Give me the money and fuck the rest.(laughs)” After a string of disappointing fights and weight issues, it could be difficult to get what he is asking for.

Whatever is next for Filho is up to him, and according to Filho he can beat Shogun “easily.”

From Tatame:

Against Shogun, I think I win, easily. He is a good athlete, has enough force, it’s intense, stripped, invents, shows the game, but I think he has gaps and with my force and well trained, I can stop his game, even because I’m physically stronger than him. But Anderson is a guy that I wouldn’t fight at all. We have the same manager, are friends and I think it has space for everybody. With Shogun would be a matter of honor, I believe that the Chute Boxe, today, is the former Luta Livre, then have a romantic motive in this fight, but Anderson is out of the question.

I would use the buddy excuse not to fight Anderson Silva as well if I was Filho.


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