Blame Canada: Vancouver Votes Against MMA

These Canadians are responsible for no MMA in Vancouver

These Canadians are responsible for no MMA in Vancouver

Garrett Bailey

Vancouver hates MMA. It’s a bit confusing because I’m reading the Vancouver State Athletic Commission actually doesn’t mind having mixed-arts arts, but turned the vote over to the government, where the bill didn’t pass. Same thing happened a few years ago. has a quote from NPA Council woman Suzanne Anton:

“What happened today is we turned down a big economic opportunity for the city of Vancouver. We’ve been considering the issue of mixed martial arts for some time now in this council. We have a body in place, our athletic commission, a volunteer group, and we have a process in place and I think we are now ready. I think the sport is developed far enough (and) the rules have come along. (MMA) is like the Canucks — it’s sports and it’s entertainment. And it’s a big economic boost for the city when these big events come along. We turned that away today and we sent it back to our staff to have another look. Who knows when it will come back again? I was really sorry, I thought that the work had gone into it, that we were now in a position that we should proceed.”

I don’t understand why they couldn’t allow MMA. Alberta and Quebec did.


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