GreaseGate II: Brazillian Lube

Sort of what happened in Reis case, but with dudes

Sort of what happened in Reis' case, but with dudes

By Garrett Bailey

BJ Penn was the last fighter to claim his opponent was greased up but no one cared because he got his ass kicked. That all went away as soon as BJ brought his mommy in front of the NSAC for some reason.  You thought GreaseGate ended then, but the disease has struck Rio de Janeiro, with another fighter crying foul. This time it’s Maurico Reis of Brazilian Top Team. Felipe Olivieri knocked Reis out in the second round in an event called WOC 3 this weekend.


“Maurício claimed that the athlete was with oil in the body, but the judge, although had noted, said that the decision should be of Tatá (promoter of the event). Tatá preferred to close his eyes, didn’t have enough pulse to take the proper attitude, that it would be to punish, end the fight, giving no contest, whatever. Unfortunately, he took the wrong decision”, claims the leader of the BTT.

Vaseline is a slippery slope.


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