Awesome: Condit vs. Kampmann Fight Preview

Two Killers face off

Two killers face off

By Garrett Bailey

Carlos Condit is the reigning and dominating WEC welterweight champion. Coming over to the UFC with an impressive record he could be the most successful WEC transfer. Condit has won all 22 of his fights by stoppage with 13 submissions and 9 technical knockouts which tells his opponents that he’s only looking to finish. Condit is a very dangerous fighter, and prevailed in a tough fight against Hiromitsu Miura in his last outing in the WEC. Miura made it all the way to round 4, but Condit ended the fight with a knockout. He  started his career off never making it out of the first round from 2002 though early 2006.

The “Natural Born Killer” can quickly speed through to a title shot with a win over Martin Kampmann April 1st. Georges St. Pierre is definitely in his sights, and it was thought by some that his first fight in the UFC should be a championship fight. Even with being a champion in the WEC and being successful no matter what promotion Condit is fighting for, the UFC has proven to be the ultimate test of a fighter. He could either crumble like Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic or smash an entire division like Anderson Silva. Either path can be ventured and if he doesn’t find his footing quickly, the UFC won’t hesitate to cut him loose. But unlike Cro Cop, the cage(or nasal passages or nuts) can’t serve as an excuse. He dominated in a cage for so long that all he has to do is step inside the 8 sided battle field and perform like usual. This is only a fight night on SpikeTV, so the pressure won’t be too tremendous. And besides, the intensity that radiates from Condits walk in is nothing short of awesomeness. He is so focused on getting in the cage that nothing clouds his mind. His intensity is not a creepy one like Diego Sanchez, but like a guy deserving of the nickname Natural Born Killer.

Martin Kampmann drops to the welterweight division after Nate Marquardt bullied him to his first UFC loss just as he was slowly building towards a title shot. He holds a win over now title contender Thales Leites; although Leites is being thrown to the wolves. He would have lost to Marquart but that’s something I can save for UFC 97.

Kampmann is a dangerous striker, and for me personally  I enjoy his fighting style. Like Condit he is exciting to watch and you’re happy when he wins. He is virtually starting from scratch like all fighters do when they change weight classes, although he doesn’t have the same luxury as having a “tune-up” fight to adjust to the weight cut. Michael “The Count” Bisping got Charles McCarthy. Mike Swick got Josh Burkman. Rich Franklin got Matt Hamill. Kampmann gets a belt holder. The challenge is a quick gut check and there’s no wiggle room for Denmark’s “Hitman”.

This is a great match up, as both are staring down the road to a championship fight. This fight actually has title implications unlike most Ultimate Fight Nights.

Kampmann trains at Xtreme Couture and is well versed but Condit will have the edge on the ground and possibly finish it there. Probably. Kampmann may find holes in Condit’s game, maybe catch him off guard and pick him apart and give him an even tougher showing than Muira, although Condit may study Kampmann’s recent loss and exploit those mistakes.

Both fighters still have to prove their footing in the MMA landscape. Although this fight definitely won’t set them back so far they’re out of title contention forever, a win will only boost them near the front of the line even further. I do see the UFC pitting Kampmann against Mike Swick if he wins, and even if he loses, just because they were both moving up in the 185lb division together.

Condit is also a dangerous striker but it’s too hard too tell who is better. Kampmann is quick and precise with his shots. But so is Condit. That can be debated all night long, and it may not matter who is better at what. This fight will come down to who will work more. Who will have a quicker pace, more devastating shots, more confidence and control where the fight will be fought. Kampmann won’t want to be on his back and will prefer a stand up war. The odds makers have them even. No underdog card can be played in this one.

Kampmann will pull out the victory and spoil Condit’s UFC debut. But he won’t finish him. The judges scorecords will read unanimous decision.


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