UFN 18 Preview: Ryan Darth Bader vs Carmello Marrero

By Garrett Bailey

Ultimate Fighter 8 winner Ryan Bader is back for his second UFC fight after defeating bed wetter Vinny Magalhaes. TUF winners usually win their second fight and go on to good careers. Except if you are Kendall Grove, then you just start losing badly with no hope in sight. For his second fight, Bader faces Carmelo Marrero on Ultimate Fight Night 18 April 1. Here is my preview and predictions for this fight:

Carmelo “The Fury” Marrero is actually fighting for the UFC a second time. After a split decision win against Chieck Kongo, he lossed his next two fights to Gabriel Gonzago and Wilson Gouveia via submission. Marrero is a tough dude, over coming cancer as a young kid and battling through a broken jaw to win a fight in a small regional show. Marrero could be placed in to lose against Bader, but he has won all his fights outside the UFC and is on a 4 fight win streak with a No Contest smashed in between. He would have to win this fight to stay in the UFC, as his UFC record would fall to 1-3.  Marrero likes ground and pound, but against a strong wrestler like Bader, that could prove to be ineffective. He does have the ability to submit people, with 4 of his wins coming after forcing his opponent to tap.

Being college teammates with UFC fighters Cain Valesquez and CB Dolloway didn’t hurt as Bader went on to become a three-time PAC 10 Champion and two-time D-1 All-American at Arizon State University. He wreslted his way through the Ultimate Fighter show, and most likely will opt for controlling Marrero. He could look to strike, feeling confident in his last UFC fight, but however that goes he will rely on his wrestling background. Boo’s could come, as people don’t like boring fights, but I don’t see this one ending up being boring. Bader has only gone to decision once in his MMA career, and it won’t happen this time. Bader will be winning this fight, and most likely dominate Marrero to a 2nd round TKO victory, and possibly win Knockout of the Night as well.


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