Dana White’s Rant No Joke

Whites rant was gay

White's rant was gay

From Bloodyelbow:

“Why then, do we give Dana a free pass in situations like this?  Is it simple self preservation for the community?  Has he simply done so much good for the sport that it is too hard to say “we’re moving toward full mainstream acceptance, it’s time to act like a professional or at the very least not use hateful slurs in public”?

Maybe some of you think that I’m being a bit too overdramatic here, but I think a time is going to come when actions like these are going to hold the UFC and MMA as a whole back from getting where we want it to go.  Eventually a rant like this by Dana is going to get picked up and ran with by the mainstream media and turned into a big “look at who runs this brutal sport” type of story and we’ll all look back and wonder why no one stepped up sooner to draw a line in the sand and said “crossing this line will not be tolerated.”  And then we’ll all realize it’s because if you were to say it, they’d take away your access to the beach.”

Unless Rampage runs cars over or Chuck or Kimbo is on ESPN, MMA doesn’t get talked about in the “mainstream” at all. Other news sites or papers don’t cover MMA to the extent of a Bloodyelbow, or 5oz, or here on Fight News Now, so this Dana White rant, where he calls Loretta Hunt a bitch and makes homophobic remarks, is hardly going to be a blip on the radar. There’s a section of MMA fans who already don’t like Dana, so whether they write another mean spirited article about him or not, it’s not going to matter. Sure, calling people faggots is not an ideal choice of words for anybody in the public eye, but Dana gets away with everything. Should he get away with it? Nope. But he is. I’m not holding my breath for an apology, and I really don’t expect any major mainstream sites picking this video blog up. But it could happen.


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