Jay Cutler Will Try Out For TUF 10

JC will totally fight in MMA

JC will totally fight in MMA

Broncos Quarterback Jay Cutler will try out for The Ultimate Fighter 10 season. He has all the makings to be casted on the show after demanding a trade from the Bronco’s. He’s selfish and his ego will fit right into the show’s structure; 55 minutes of horseplay, 3 minutes of commercials, 1 minute and 30 seconds of Dana White speeches and 30 seconds of fights, which usually is an awful display of mixed martial arts.

Cutler has expressed his desire to jizz on fruit, piss in beds, piss on people, whatever it takes to be on The Ultimate Fighter. There are reports he has replaced all the footballs in his house to glass cups, but is looking for suggestions what would be more awesome to throw than what Junie Browning ever threw. Cutler is reportedly really good at throwing tantrums.


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