Ultimate Fight Night 18 Awesome Review

Martin Kampmann

By Garrett Bailey

Ultimate Fight Night 18 is over and it was off the chain. The night started out with a quick  tribute to Charles “Mask” Lewis.

Junie Browning didn’t show much in his loss to Cole Miller. A fighter really can’t show much when they get submitted in the first round. He did have Miller’s back for a minute, but he inflicted zero damage and Miller wasn’t in any danger of falling into a submission. “Who’s overrated now!” was the conclusion of that fight after Junie tapped from a guillitine choke. Miller also had this to say, “I was the superior grappler…. Then I hit him with the right hand and I knew he was looking for a way out — he was shooting in for the takedown…. I expected him to come out a little more aggressive, but it was probably just inexperience…. I’ve hated maybe one or two guys who I fought, but it doesn’t really make much of a difference for better or worse. But yeah, fuck him, you know? He insulted me and he did it in front of my friends, my fans and my family. Fuck him. The things that he said are unforgivable. It’s not all good.”

No one likes Junie Browning and I won’t be surprised if he is cut after he loses again-but this time on the unaired section of the card.

Ryan Bader looked great in his wrestling match. It was cool of the UFC to let him have a special fight all for himself where he can just wrestle for the last 2 rounds. This wasn’t an April Fools joke, I was waiting for Bader to get up and say it but he never did.

Tyson Griffon’s leg got busted up really good but he seemed to forgot Anjos put him in that weird pretzel submission. Good thing he didn’t tap because he tacks on his 100th straight decision win. But it was still a good fight, and it seemed like Anjos was going to be knocked out at least 2 times in each round, but it never happened.

The main event was really close. It could have gone either way, with Martin Kampmann almost submitting Carlos Condit nearly every chance he got. They both had each other in bad situations in every round and if I were a judge I wouldn’t be able to pick a winner. I picked Kampmann to win and was 9-2 with my predictions overall. Condit has a very good future in the UFC and a loss to Kampmann, especially a split decision loss won’t set him back in the division. He’s going to learn from this fight and try harder to keep it from the judges scorecards. Condit says, “It was a tough fight. Kampmann did good stuff. He did well. I felt like I won the first and second rounds, but the second round was pretty close. You know … I left it to the judges decision, which is always risky…. I did more damage, but in this game I know as well as anybody else that the guy who stays on top the most gets the nod. And that was my bad for not pushing the pace and staying on top of him. But hats off to Martin … he did a fantastic job.”

Anybody catch the new John Travolta movie trailer? That looked sweet.


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