Dana White says “I Didn’t Mean to Hurt my Gay Friends”

Danas gay friends

Dana's gay friends

From Bloodyelbow.com:

“Yeah. I did today. Honestly, I think all in all that this was a good experience for me. I say a lot of things. I do a lot of things. I absolutely meant to attack Loretta Hunt and her story and that Web site. There are times when I will go after people on purpose. Plus, I swear a lot because, to me, words are just words. I really believe that, that’s just me. So with that blog, I never meant to offend so many people just by using that word. I never thought I could. It didn’t occur to me. I especially didn’t mean to hurt my gay friends. But I now know that the reality is, whether you mean to hurt anybody or not, you do. You just do. Now I know.”

That’s that.


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