DLOG 2: Dana White Apologizes(Only to Gay dudes, Not Loretta)

By Garrett Bailey

Dana White apologizes to gay people, which is sincere as Dana can get. He loves gay people, he has a gay friend, his dog is gay, he donates money to gay charities…he even has a rainbow belt holding up his pants.  But that “bitch” Loretta Hunt….what ‘evs.

Okay, update time. It still seems some people in the media are still confused over Dana Whites rant. The intent was to  discredit Loretta Hunt, who made up a fake story which is not true whatsoever; that’s the meaning of fake. She writes for Sherdog, and Sherdog is supposed to be one of those sites who gets things right and one would assume fact checking would be in order. Her article was a disaster. I would be upset as well. The use of the word faggot is not ideal, but Dana was honestly upset after being defamed. Loretta Hunt could be sued for something like that. Hunt’s article wasn’t parody, it was published to change people’s opinions based on lies. So Loretta Hunt is a liar liar pants on fire. That’s the point everyone is missing and was brought to my attention over at MMAopinion. This has been blown way out of proportion, and it’s easy to just harp on the choice of words Dana used instead of seeing the entire picture.

Anyway, that’s enough of me being serious. That was gay.


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