Obstacles For Frank Shamrock, None For Nick Diaz


By Garrett Bailey

April 11 Nick Diaz and Frank Shamrock are set to fight each other at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. Apparently Nick Diaz feels he has nothing to worry about while Shamrock does


What types of problems does Nick Diaz pose for you?

“I think his length and that he’s got a well-rounded game. He’s comfortable throwing punches and standing up punching and he very comfortable and skilled on the ground. I’ve always had trouble with long guys because as a shorter guy I have smaller explosive movements and a lot of long guys I can get trapped inside of them. He poses a problem for me which is what I like.”


What are the biggest obstacles you see in fighting Frank Shamrock?

“I don’t see any. I feel like I have all the answers for Frank Shamrock. I have an answer for everything. What does Frank Shamrock do compared to what other people I have fought? Nothing. I think it’s going to be fine to come in and just do as I always do.”


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