Stupid Writer

By Garrett Bailey

There is a stupid writer who has always been stupid who hates “the MMA’s” and this stupid writer found something not so new to say. Since Loretta Hunt posted that fake article the other day, that’s all that has been talked about and I’m already sick of it. Basically, there’s no point to this guys article over on CBSsports…if you can call an article that bashes not only the sport of MMA, but it’s fans too, an article.

Stupid writer says:

“Dana White is garbage, his sport is garbage and anyone who watches it is a garbage collector. ”

He doesn’t have anything new to say from his last article that bashed MMA, and I knew he would jump at this latest opportunity to do so. It’s clear he really doesn’t care about what Dana White said, or to whom, he just wanted to let us MMA fans know we are “thin-skinned babies” and an “army of sheep.” The dumb guys who are considered mainstream media already hate the sport, and it just sucks to see that the only time MMA is talked about is 1)someone dies, 2) Kimbo Slice 3) Dana White says faggot or bitch. Dana already apologized, the gay dudes over at GLAAD are okay now, Loretta doesn’t really care, it’s over. I hope.

Everybody already knows that Mike Freeman is in fact a liar.


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