Scott Coker talks Strikeforce Heavyweight Division and more

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By Ryan Bartlett

Scott Coker spoke with MMA Fanhouse after Saturday’s show. He gave some insight into the future of Strikeforce’s heavyweight division and also announced the signing of Fabricio Verdum.

Here are a few excerpts:

Will Alistair Overeem fight on June 6?
We’re trying to work it out. It’s not guaranteed, but we’ll try to put it together.

Who would his opponent be?
That hasn’t been determined yet.

Did you just sign Fabricio Werdum?
Yeah, but that’s not a fight necessarily we feel we’d have to do first.

Frankly, aside from Fabricio Werdum I’m not sure you have any heavyweights who could give Alistair much of a test.
Well, there are some other free agents out there, and guys fighting with other companies who aren’t exclusive. So we’ll explore those options before we make the announcement of who he’s fighting.

A fight I would love to see is Alistair against Fedor Emelianenko. Is there any chance that fight could happen in Strikeforce?
I’m not saying that it will, it’s not signed or anything like that, but I definitely think that’s a possibility in the future. As Fedor continues his growth in America, at some point I think he and Alistair should fight. If there’s an opportunity on Fedor’s side, we’d love to.

The whole interview is definitely worth checking out. There are tidbits of info about Tito Ortiz, the possibility of when a “Cyborg” Santos and Gina Carano title fight could happen and how he felt the show came out on Saturday.


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