Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Shamrock Recap

By Garrett Bailey

April 11 was not only an awesome night of fights, but also a night that told us a few things about some of the fighters. There was something about the entire card that felt different that what EliteXC ever did. The production was smoother, with the exception of Mauro Rannelo’s asinine quotes, “Slamma Jamma!” and Gus Johnson’s confusion of what an uppercut is, calling it an “up jab.” What the hell is an up jab? There must be a down jab then…Right?

Brett Rogers def. Ron “Abongo” Humphrey via TKO- 1:38, Round 2

Not knowing who Ron Humphrey was before the fight I thought Brett Rogers was going to destroy him faster than he did. He fought hard, but his dreads and face got in the way of him doing something other than whine to the ref and get kneed in the face. Ron had his moments but the experience helped Rogers in this one, and he will continue to improve and hopefully get stiffer competition now that he is in Strikeforce.

Cris “Cyborg” Santos def. Hitomi Akano via TKO- :35, Round 3

Being fat sure did pay off for Cyborg. Actually, I don’t think weight played a factor in this one at all. Cyborg seemed to be fighting someone who wasn’t really all that good. I’ve seen smaller fighters against larger opponents and they did not look as bad as Akano did in this one. Sure, fighters should made weight but Akano still has to show up to fight. Good win for Cyborg, and maybe she will finally get to fight that American Gladiator Maxim chick Gina Carano.

Gilbert Melendez def. Rodrigo Damm via KO- 2:02, Round 2.

Rodgrigo Damm should have never taken this fight on one weeks notice. Could have saved himself a lot of head pain…and a concussion most likely. Although against a lesser opponent, Melendez proved he is one of the top light weight fighters. The knockout looked sick and put an ubrupt end to the fight.

Scott Smith def. Benji Radach via KO – 3:24, Round 3.

I want to see more of Scott Smith. These 2 knocked each other out 5 times each. This fight not only was the craziest but perhaps the most exciting fight of the night. Scott Smith once again bounced back from sure destruction to win in shocking fashion. Even though Benji was knocked out 2 minutes before he was going to win by unanimous decision, he put on a great fight. The only thing Benji didn’t do that Smith did was seize an opportunity to finish the fight.

Nick Diaz def. Frank Shamrock via TKO- 3:57, Round 2.

Frank Shamrock got destroyed. He did nothing the entire time Diaz was bombarding him with jabs. The pre-fight talk of Shamrock saying he was going to knock out Diaz proved to be nothing but artificial hype. What I want to know is where was the Shamrock that showed up to fight Cung Le. That fight lasted a lot longer than this one and Cung Le is thought of to be a more dangerous striker than Nick Diaz. But whatever problems Shamrock was having against Diaz, it showed in his face the whole time. He was frustrated and couldn’t fire any intelligble punches. A big win for Nick Diaz and probably will retire Shamrock until he comes back to fight Cung Le again…


Luke Rockhold def. Buck Meredith via submission – 4:07, Round 1.

Eric Lawson def. Waylon Kennell via TKO – 4:54, Round 1

Raul Castillo def. Brandon Michaels via RNC-1:45 Round 1

James Terry def Zak Bucia via unanimous decision

Shingo Kahara def. Jeremy Tavares via knockout – 0:04, Round 2.


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