Long Beach Fight Night Shines from The Hall of Champions

Long Beach Fight Night

By Garrett Bailey

The Hall of Champions in Long Beach, California was packed full of action. Every fight was entertaining and fast paced. Each fighter put on a great show for the fans in attendance. The crowd was amazing, cheering and hollering for the hometown fighters. Thomas Denny from Wildman MMA and Fabricio Verdum from Chute Box showed up to support their fighters. It was cool to see them there. Also in attendance was Gene Labell, the legenday judo master who trained the likes of Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee among many others.

Heavyweight:Manny “Bam Bam” Lara defeats Anthony “A Train” Appello via TKO(ref stoppage) Round 1(2:24)

The first fight of the night showed us how awesome these guys in the smaller shows are. Setting  the precedence for the rest of the night, the momentum was created with the crowd cheering on Manny  “Bam Bam” Lara and it never died down. Manny controlled the entire fight. He was relentlessness with power shots that took the fight to the mat. From there, Bam Bam forced his opponent to find himself useless and gave up with the referee standing over a dejected Appello.

145 lbs: Scott “The Sza” Brommage defeats Barby “The Edge” Faulkner via TKO Round 2 1:8

Darby Faulkner vs. Scott Brommage was nothing but guillotine choke attempts and high paced action. These 2 seemed they wanted to knock each other heads off into the nosebleed seats. The WTF moment of the fight was Faulkner turning away from Scott after taking a few hard shots. He may have been hurt, but don’t turn away and still get punched. That played a role in him getting technically knocked out in round 2. Scott Brommage looked very well rounded and had nice submission attempts but was unable to close it out but still came out on top. Very good performance from both fighters.

145 lbs: Juan Rivas defeats Andrew “Mon Chi Chi” Patlan via unanimous decision

The third fight of the night brought the only the first of 2 decisions on the entire card, and this one was nothing short of amazing. I keep saying over and over again that these fights were high paced and seem to be beating a dead horse using that term, but nothing else can describe it any other way. The pace was indeed fast with Juan Rivas controlling Andrew Patlan much of the first round. Rivas was unable to slap on any submissions from the back although at the end of the fight he did have a nice submission intact, but the round was over. Rivas battled through a tough second round to win by unanimous decision.

150 lbs: Sgt. Vince Ortiz defeats Fabian”Wolverine” Diaz Round 1 via rear naked choke

A nice rear naked choke ended this back and forth fight. Sgt. Vince Ortiz was in trouble the first half of the round but came through to submit Fabian Diaz. Ortiz was caught in a few submissions but broke through them and after taking the fight to the ground he quickly took the back of Diaz and it was over from there.

205 lbs: Lamar “Monster” Jiles defeats Keneti “Monsta” Faagata Rd 1 TKO strikes

One monster wanted to ground and pound and the other monster wanted to end the fight with a submission. The monster with the ground and pound won this one as the referee ended this fight 1 second before the first round ended. Monster Jiles displayed good submission defense.

180 lbs: Fernando Bettega defeated John “Voodoo” Walsh Round 1 via guillotine choke

When I saw John Walsh was on the card I knew it wasn’t America’s Most Wanted John Walsh because that would be stupid. Way stupid. He’s old. Plus, he fights crime on tv, not on the mat. The guillotine choke seemed to be the easiest to apply as it was the one most fighters were getting caught in. Walsh couldn’t espace the choke and was finished in the first round. Walsh had no ansers for the takedowns and was finished very quickly.

130 lbs: Darrell “The Mongoose” Montague defeated Maurice “Syko” Eazel Round 3 TKO

Darrell “The Mongoose” Montague is a very good well rounded fighter. There was nothing but slams in this fight with each fighter getting great slams that riled the crowd up. The sound was deafening whenever they rocked each other with good punches. Darrell was working on the flying knee and finally ended it that way. The 3rd round was almost over and Maurice simply got caught. He was very emotional after the fight and rightfully so, all the great work he showed ends with a loss. Montague gave credit to his coaches and said without them, he wouldn’t be able to do what he did.

180 lbs:Tarec Saffiedine defeated Scott Rose Round 1 :58 via arm triangle

Taking the fight on 2 days notice was Scott Rose. Training out of Chute Box Tarec showed great versaitlity and it felt like Rose wasn’t all there, never looking in the eyes of Tarec and easily being finished via arm triangle under a minute in the first round. 2 days notice is always tough so I give Rose credit for doing that. Fabricio Verdum cornered Tarec, which was his first time in America, and was very happy to see his fighter take the win.

170 lbs:Thomas Kenny defeated Eric Meaders unanimous decision

Another candidate for fight of the night both fighters showed a lot of heart. Round 1 was very close, with both fighters trading punches with Erik Meaders doing more damage. While Kenny was trying to close it out with a submission, Meaders was working the ground and pound. The second round was dominated by Kenny with him mounting Meaders the entire round. The 3rd round ended with Kenny trying to tap Meaders with an arm triangle, but the buzzer sounded and the fight was over. Thomas Kenny won a unimaous decision that brought an end to a very exciting night of fights.

Long Beach Fight Night 5 will be July 19. Tickets are cheap so don’t miss out on any more local MMA events! Check out their website at Longbeachfightnight.com


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