ATT Bands Together to Help 10-Year Old Boy with Cancer

thiago alves gloves

There’s a kid with brain cancer in New York so start bidding on these MMA gloves signed by American Top Team’s Thiago Alves and WEC fighter Mike Brown. 100% of the money goes to helping the kid out.

Bryan Levick over at 5oz set everything up. Here is the story:

When I first found out about a young boy in my area having cancer my first thought were of my own children and thanking God for their well being. Immediately after that I began to think about all of the pain that the parents are having to deal with. Being a father myself I can’t begin to imagine having to watch my son deal with this dreaded disease. We live in a small town but it is a community that has a huge heart and so many people have banded together to help this family during such a difficult time. I became aware of Christian Koehler and his fight with cancer when my 7 year old daughter Rylee brought home a flyer from school one day in March. There were two papers one being an outline of a child’s hand and the other telling the story of Christian’s battle with cancer and asking for just $1 to help the family defray the medical bills associated with battling this disease.

I wanted to do more, I am a firm believer in karma and I truly believe that God forbid something happened to one of my children others would be there to help me. That is not the only reason I wanted to help, I truly hate to see children suffer. I myself spent the first three years of my life in and out of hospitals having surgery after surgery to battle a heart condition I was born with. To this day I do not know how my parents dealt with all the stress of having to raise four other children while spending the majority of their time in the hospital with me. Anyway, being a journalist has given me the ability to reach so many people that I normally would never have the opportunity to reach. Writing for allows me so much exposure to a great community of MMA fans, fighters, trainers and other writers.

Richie Guerriero is the general manager at the American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida. He has been very generous to me setting up interviews with such fighters as WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown and UFC middleweight Denis Kang. Richie has been awesome and all I did was send an email asking for an interview. I decided to contact him and tell him about Christian’s plight. Without a moment’s hesitation he asked what he could do to help and sometime this week I will be receiving signed gloves from Mike Brown and Thiago Alves that I will be able to auction off and then donate the money to the Koehler family. Another man I have to give credit to is Eddie “Primo” Miranda who has gotten everything together and offered up some kind words for the family.

Read the rest over at Fiveouncesofpain and place a bid in for those gloves!

Place your bid for the Mike Brown glove here

Place your bid for the Thiago Alves glove here


One response

  1. Wardog

    Have a bid on Thiago’s gloves. The story is great and Bryan is a good guy for setting this up along with all the guys at ATT.

    April 25, 2009 at 8:53 am

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