Weekly Deuce-Like Cougar Hunting, but with Video’s

weekly deuce

Video’s I found on the internets that are awesome. Believe me. They are awesome. From Salami fighting to Japanese MMA greatness and Hong Man Choi, it doesn’t get much better than this. It could if you’re banging some hot chick right now, but as far as watching a bunch of awesome video’s on an awesome MMA site it doesn’t. Well, if those awesome video’s aren’t porn related and you just want to see some MMA vids, as they say in the hood, I gotch yo back!

Salami Fighting Association

This video is extremely weird, I know. But it’s so awesome that I couldn’t not share it. Expand your mind.

More video’s after the jump>

Fedor vs. Hong Man Choi

With Hong Man Choi’s fight not really being official just yet against Jose Canseco, I thought I’d show you a Hong Man Choi video…in which he loses.

Hatsu Hioko Highlights

This guy is pretty sweet in the ring. I don’t know much about him but I’ll be laying 1 million dollars on him for his fight tonight/morning.

Sengoku 8 Promo

Having no clue what they are saying, I just pretend the guy the UFC has doing their promo’s learned how to speak Japanese.

MMA Hurts

MMA does hurt.

Ramon Dekkers

This guy is amazing. I wonder what happened to him.


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