Fight Stuff: Dana White beats off Jones vs. Silva MMA fight

Jones rocks out with his cock out.

Jones rocks out with his cock out.

This really isn’t news because nothing really isn’t new as Dana White doesn’t want any part of a Roy Jones Jr MMA fight with his middleweight champ, Anderson Silva. Reports are that Jones has agreed to MMA rules but that doesn’t change a thing. And who thought it would? Dana White will magically become un-stubborn and agree to what he says should be left for Dream. Too bad Dana isn’t Japanese. That rant would have been even funnier. And if Dana White was Japanese, he’d carry a sword because a Japanese Dana White with a sword would be a baddass motherfucker. Roy Jones Jr. must be on drugs, or whatever Chris Benoit was taking because he is seriously insane(apart from murdering a family and suiciding yourself) for wanting to take on Anderson Silva.

Eye gouger and referee puncher Gilbert Yvel will be taking on Pedro Rizzo. Ultimate Chaos is the fitting name for the card, as Bobby Lashley and Bob Sapp has been made official for the June 27 pay-per-view event. Din Thomas, Chris Horodecki and Tom Atencio will also be on the card, including Long Beach’s own Brett Cooper.

The Strikeforce Challenger Series(Previously known as ShoXC) has a state for dudes to get beat up in. Washington will showcase up and coming fighters and non up and coming fighters, including Jorge Gurgel and Dennis Hallman. Headlined by Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos vs. Joey Villasenor, the challenger series airs on Showtime June 19.


One response

  1. Wardog

    Let him get in a cage Dana! Damn he talks smack all the time and then pulls this crap?! So far Boxing- 1 MMA/UFC-0

    May 6, 2009 at 3:25 pm

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