Why UFC 98 isn’t going to suck balls

There have been a rash of injuries forcing a handful, nay, a gaggle of fighters off UFC 98. Injuries suck balls, which is why I prefer not to get injured. I’ve been thinking UFC 98 is going to suck, be horrible, be worse(r) than UFC 97. But I don’t think UFC 98 isn’t going to sucks balls. I’m going to back up my claims with 5 reasons…5 awesome reasons.

Rashad Evans is the UFC light heavy weight champion and I couldn’t be more not happy for him. I don’t like how Evans fights, showboats and all of the above. Maybe it’s because he knocked out some of my favorite fighters, and I’m not talking about Sean Salmon. The first reason why UFC 98 isn’t going to sucks balls, Rashad will finally lose. Rashad losing isn’t a sucky situation. ‘Shad Nips, as I like to call him, will be picked apart and hopefully finished by the elusive challenger, Lyoto Machida.

The Hughes vs. Serra squabble will finally, finally be laid to rest…not that I care about the bickering between two grown men but because no matter who wins, both fighters will be leaving the sport. Whoever does win though will get a tougher opponent and then lose so bad the UFC will cut them, while the loser of this fight will retire. That’s the beauty of this fight.

UFC 98 can’t fall flat like UFC 97 did. 98 may seem like a card that should be ignored but even with all the injuries, the card as a whole is still pretty solid. There may be a lack of those superstars we are used to but the superstars we are used to headlining are either getting knocked out, just fought, or put on boring performances.  I’m excited to see guys like Xavier Foupa-Pokam and Dan Miller. Houston Alexander isn’t a big loss to the card, although it would have been nice to see him lose again.

Title fights rarely suck balls. I know what you are thinking, this is just like reason number 1, but it’s not. Trust me. Title fights are always awesome because the title is on the line. Fighters fight harder and are more determined than ever before. The possibility of the champion losing their belt is always exciting. The last time I remember a boring title fight was UFC 97, and I’ve already addressed that. UFC 98 won’t only not suck balls but actually be a good card with a lot of good fights, which brings me to the last reason.

Aside from the potential hug fest of Edgar vs Sherk, UFC 98 promises to be chalk full of finishes. Finishes mean more fights added to the broadcasts which is always a plus. Machida will be stopping Rashad Evans, I don’t see it going the full five rounds. The Hughes vs. Serra fight will end with someone submitted or TKO’d. The 2 other fights are not going the distance. Miller is too powerful and Sonnen’s ground game is too good to go to the scorecards. An event can’t suck balls if every fight is decided inside 15 minutes. The quick stoppages will hopefully get Krzysztof Soszynski some face time, along with Chris Wilson and Phillipe Nover.


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