Fight Stuff: HOF, Dr. Phil, Undipsuted & Gonzaga

2 new Hall of Fame Inductions are expected at UFC 100. No names have been mentioned although speculation is that Chuck Liddell will be one of the inductees. Evan Tanner and Charles Lewis are possible candidates as well. Whoever the 2 inductees are will be more than deserving.

It’s day time television for Dana White, Forrest Griffin and Kenny Florian as they appeared on the Dr. Phil show. I don’t personally enjoy Dr. Phil because he’s half full of baloney, with a layer of shit, then a smear of asswipe. Anyway, Dr. Phil’s show will center around dangerous activities and situations. Stay at home Moms and lazy fat depressed teenagers who are home at 1 o’clock in the friggin afternoon will get their “Ultimate Fighting” on.

Gabriel Gonzago will look to rebound from getting his ass kicked against Shane Carwin against a nobody. Seriously? Like, Chris Tuchscherer was the best they could do…?

And the game I will spend a whole week wasting my life with is expected to sell over 2 million units, while video game nerds still won’t have their units fondled…that is by someone other than their dog, themselves, the vibrating controller, uncle, dudes in the locker room…..etc. UFC Undisputed 2009 will hit the shelves May 19. It’s finally almost here!!!!!!


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