Jits on This: Relax


If there’s one thing I didn’t know I would learn in ju jitsu, it would be to relax. That’s the word I hear often and with good reason. If you relax you can focus. If you focus you can show what you’ve learned. If you’re stuck on the bottom, relax. Don’t panic. If you are on top and can’t get a submission, relax.

Arriving really early to jiu jitsu Monday, I decided to watch the advanced class go at it. By go at it, I mean try to submit each other. Watching Renner Gracie and other higher belts, you can tell they know what they are doing. No move is without cause, no position wasted. Helio Gracie learned everything he needed to know in jiu jitsu simply by watching. Maybe I can learn 1% of what he did and be decent.

The no gi classes are what I’m looking forward to. Right now it’s all gi and simply learning each move. It’s like kindergarten. Color inside the line. Count to 10. Look both ways before crossing the street. Nice and slow. But what’s learned during kindergarten and elementary, (maybe elementary is when you get a stripe) is all applicable once in the no gi class. It’s all nonstop. Everyone knows what they are doing and everyone knows the drill. Piggy back rides, sit ups while hanging off your partner, jogging. It’s all done. If people complain about the kindergarten, wait until they get to college.

Private Classes are the best. One on one. Mano y Mano. The pace is fast and going over everything that I’ve learned was refreshing. It’s like a test. How much do I remember? Quite a bit. Sure, a few details are off but remembering all the moves I’ve learned so far was cool because I didn’t think I’d remember that much. Double leg take downs, shrimp escapes, body fold take downs, guillotine defense, etc. After that was right into the Americana. It’s a nice move. Grabbing their wrist, (NO THUMB!) you let the force of them trying to take their wrist away fall right into place, and after nabbing that, you grab your own on wrist and do a gentle paintbrush back and boom, Americana.

Striking is a whole different area and I’ve never really been in a fist fight. So I suck at striking. I was shown at least how to throw some basic jabs, which was awesome. Haymaker defense to the clinch. Conservative opponent to the clinch and take down. See, I’m never really in a position where I would have to use this in the real world because I’m aloof and don’t really care if people want to fight with me. And if something does happen. I’ll know what to do. Relax.


One response

  1. Wardog

    Remember wack off, wack on Danielson! Then a paint a fence! Oh and relaxing is good for BJJ just remember to breathe. Or as Serra would say “Your breathing Drago Breath!”

    May 14, 2009 at 10:22 pm

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