MMA Fight Council Reveals Little but Promises to change the sport of MMA

Council members are also awarded with dope gold helmets and American flags.

Council members are also awarded with dope gold helmets and American flags.

The MMA Fight Council is upon us and is set to launch in July. The goal is a giant website geared toward total awesomeness of MMA insider information. Little is known about what the huge idea’s are for the MMA Writers Guild that includes all the top MMA sites as the Fight Council’s Counselor Aaron Richman has yet to reveal what that huge idea is.

Members should expect a lot from the MMAFC and are promised a comprehensive insiders’ guide to MMA. The MMA Fight Council’s goal is to “change the sport of MMA in a positive way.” There is also an Advisory board that includes Bas Rutten and John Hackleman. Another purpose of the Fight Council is to bridge the insiders and the outsiders of MMA.

What they can achieve though is entirely up in the air, and I’m not entirely sure what the MMA Fight Council really is or how much they can really offer. At least they are set to do MMA a good service and provide MMA fans with great information among other things that have yet to be announced. Maybe they should also give a helping hand to the MMA legal battles to get the sport sanctioned in New York and other states that still ban MMA.

The complete list of the advisory board and writer’s guild:

MMA Fight Council Advisory Board:

  • Bas Rutten (MMA Legend/Champion)
  • Master Alan Goldberg (Wing Chun Kung Fu Legend)
  • Joe Lewis (Kick boxing/Karate World Champion and Legend)
  • Ed Parker, Jr. (American Kenpo)
  • Scott Shaffer (NY Sports/Boxing/MMA Attorney)
  • Dr. Adam Persky (The World Renowned “Fight Dentist”)
  • Elvis Sinosic (Former UFC Fighter/Australian MMA Star)
  • Chuck Zito (The Italian Bad Boy/Author/Radio Personality)
  • Dr. Jeff Davidson, MD (World Famous/UFC Ring Doctor)
  • “Doc” Hamilton (Legendary 3d Man In The Ring! Elite Combat Sport Referee and Judge!)
  • John Hackleman (Owner/Trainer at The Pit, MMA Gym/School!)

MMA Fight Council Writer’s Guild:

  • Ben Zeidler (FIGHT!/Other)
  • Kevin Iole (Yahoo)
  • Mike Chiappetta (NBC Sports)
  • Ben Cohen (ESPN)
  • Danny Acosta (Sherdog)
  • Stephen Quadros (Prof.)
  • Adam Swift (MMA Payout)
  • Ben Goldstein (Cage Potato)
  • Ben Fowlkes (SI, Cage Potato)
  • Derek Bolender (Top Gun)
  • Ariel Helwani (MMA Rated)
  • Oleg (Fight Matrix)
  • Ryan (FightLinker)
  • Jack Bratcher (Pro MMA)
  • Gary Wimsett, Jr.(5 Oz of Pain)
  • Steve Cofield (Cagewriter)
  • Jeff Cain (MMA Weekly)

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  1. Thanks for posting our story!! We have even more happening since this was written! We have NEW Advisory Board members, NEW writers in our Writers Guild….AND our site (Stage 1) should be done by the end of the week! In the meantime, please check out our facebook group page (MMA Fight Council, LLC) for more details!

    June 13, 2009 at 7:20 pm

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