UFC Fighter Chris Wilson Gets Jacked At Gunpoint

I’ve only had a gun drawn on me once. But that was by the Po-Po’s. Getting a gun pointed at you is really crappy, you know, because it’s a gun. Chris Wilson shares his story:

“As I came into the apartment complex, a guy held me up at gunpoint and then he called his friends. And then a total of five people came up to the apartment. They were armed and my family was in the bathroom – I’ve got two kids – so it was just a terrible situation,” he told The Canadian Press.

“And then they cleaned out whatever they wanted. They were after small stuff, but they took our TV and my laptop, and jewelry. And they took some of the kids’ clothing and Nike tennis shoes, which are expensive down here.

“Then they put everything in my car, made me take them somewhere. It was just terrible. Wasn’t sure if I was coming back from that one. But it all worked out.”

Wilson is set to fight Brock Larson at UFC 98 next Saturday. Fightlinker points out that Brandon Vera was also robbed a week before his fight against Keith Jardine. Vera lost. We’ll see what happens to WIlson.


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