No UFC for Germany’s Youth

If you fail to ban the UFC from Germany, succeed in banning minors from the event.

The story noted that in March, Cologne’s city council tried to ban the event, claiming it was too violent. Cologne mayor Manfred Wolf said there was no law in place that would allow them to ban the show. Several citizens started a petition to try and ban the event, claiming that by virtue of it being held in a major arena, that would give the message that MMA is socially acceptable.

“We have to ban this insanity,” said Werner Schneyder,” a well-known German boxing announcer. “We have to accept crippled fighters and deaths. They are trying to sell brutality as something impressive.”

Jeez. Germans are so anal now. What ever happened to the care free spirit of the past….oh, wait a minute, nevermind. Maybe they thought this was real…


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