FAIL: Miletich and Caplan Break up with WAMMA

WAMMA managed to get even more insignificant in the MMA world today, with news breaking that Pat Miletich and interim COO Sam Caplan have stepped down from their positions. The departures are not amicable and I’m sure there were some feelings hurt. Caplan couldn’t stand the stupidity after only 6 weeks, as he was supposed to be there for 3 months. I’m surprised he could lasted that long because WAMMA is just dumb.

Miletich says WAMMA never hurt the sport, but they have contributed nothing to the sport as well. All they have done thus far was state the obvious in crowning Fedor the WAMMA heavyweight champion and create a funky rankings system. Every site out there has one and WAMMA  just tried to make it pretty by wanting to be a sanctioning body. There’s really no need for them and they have failed or not even attempted every goal of theirs. Even Miletich stated that WAMMA’s execution is bad, and he’s right, because I haven’t seen anything from them.

It’s too bad they are slowly going down the way the are though because with a few competent people maybe they could have actually done something instead of telling us what they were going to do.

WAMMA was always the laughing stock amongst MMA fans, and these latest happenings only make me chuckle even more. No one liked saying the word WAMMA because it’s just stupid. Sure, World of Mixed Martials Arts is too long to say but “WAMMA?” For realz?


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