Overeem Pwns 5 Security Guards & almost loses hand in the process

Total badass.

Total badass.

If you were wondering why Alistair Overeem isn’t defending his title June 6, it’s because after he dropped the kids off at the pool, he didn’t have any money to pay the dreaded Toilet Lady. Soon after that, Overeem’s brother got involved but security guards didn’t like that and whipped him with a flash light probably not knowing that Valentine was a brother of an MMA superstar.

“Valentine still was discussing the situation on his way outside with one of the security guards hit Valentine in the face with a flash light. Three security guards dived onto Valentine and brother Alistair wanted to go back inside to help his brother. This resulted in five security guards in the hospital.”

In the meantime, Alistair Overeem was complaining of a painful cut on his hand and went to hospital at the urging of Golden Glory team mates.

“It was only because of the management pushing him to go to the hospital that he saved his hand. When he finally got his injury checked, he was advised to stay a few days in the hospital. They told him if he would have come any later he would have lost his hand,” said Boon.

Insta Street Cred.


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