Disorderly Conduct: Weight Cut Week 2


Chuck Giles

So its been 2 weeks now, and I’m really feeling this weight cut, it is to the point where sleeping is not an option because my head hurts so bad lol. I really cut down my food intake to one basic healthy meal a day, and so far this has helped me a lot. By this past weekend being Memorial Day weekend I BBQ’d and I went to a BBQ but strangely enough I couldn’t eat how I wanted too, not just because the weight cut, but I just didn’t have it in me to eat so much.

This weekend was a weekend of a lot of cardio, when you have a family with a ton of little boys the thing to do is wrestling.  Since most of them wrestle it has helped out, whether it is on the floor, or on the grass outside we wrestle like crazy, I just took this weekend as a weekend to start saying bye to everyone before I go to Maryland to training camp.  Its gonna be hard to leave for the time I’m going to be gone but it’s like the history of Spartans,  I will come back stronger, quicker, and tougher than when I left.

I almost didn’t see this fight happening. I know I had announced it but I went off what was said.  It wasn’t until today when I saw my picture on mayhempromotions.com that I realized this match-up is going happen, I’m going to war with this guy, I have to kill him before he tries to kill me. As the people that know me know, I don’t fear nothing or nobody, and death is just something that is destined to come.

My training in Chicago has consisted of a lot of cardio, working my stand up, and my takedown defenses, even though I’m comfortable on my back, its not really where I want to be this time around. I don’t really know where I want to end this fight, I just know that when its all said and done one man will be left standing.

i’m sitting comfortably at 162-160, the scales acting funny maybe I should get a digital one!!!


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