Everyone Tweets


The tweet above was found by Chicago’s MMA and apparently the UFC has to take a page out of basketball and fire some guy named Dan White.

Bloodyelbow took their time to compile the best tweets, twitpics and ramblings from the MMA stars as well.

Some of my favorites

“Already prepared for machida!! should i start drinking my piss like him??” Rampage Jackson

“I’m inspired by Machidas performance. I noticed my urine tastes like Mountain Dew. SWEET!!! I’m gonna kick training’s ass tomorrow.”Kenny Florian, has got to get his pee pee checked..

fuck that vagina-head brazillian.”Mayhem Miller, responds to a fan flaming on him for “intentionally” wandy-ing jacare.

“lesson for the day- coughing to cover your farts works poorly”Nate Quarry


One response

  1. Hi Dana I am a big fan. I love to see a fight.But I have two boys and I and my man never has extra money to go see the UFC. I was told by a friend if I tweeter you ,you may send me tickets . please! Keep up the work

    . YourTruly
    Tanya Faux

    March 24, 2010 at 3:23 pm

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