Disorderly Conduct: Weight Cut Week 3


The closer and closer I get to my up and coming fight, it seems the more things are bound to happen.  The drama is starting to unfold cause things don’t seem as right as they should right now.  While working my cardio and cutting weight I have been getting sick, like having this feeling of having to throw-up, but I don’t throw up it just sits in the back of my throat. I don’t really know what this could be from. Since I have been cutting weight its been naggin at me like a cut on the roof of my mouth that would heal if i quit tonguing it.  Also the more and more I cut weight and get into my diet and weight regimen, the more criticism I get from friends.  The main thing most of them have been saying is “you’re too tall for 125lbs.” It gets to the point where if you hear it enough its gonna push a button in the back of your brain.

Now to move on, this week one of my best friends and one of the people who gave me some of the most motivation told me they couldn’t be my friend any more. I’m not understanding how and why we got to this point but it really starts to make you think that if, some of the people that support you the most, can one day be the one that calls themself your number one fan, can turn around and not even want to be cool with you no more and you dont know why and wouldn’t understand it if they gave you the reasons. Hell, who can I depend on? This isn’t where it ends cause this person also set me up with my training and diet regimen, but i wish my ex best friend well, and now for the finale of my drama filled week.

I was set to leave June 23rd to go and join a fight camp in Maryland for my fight on July 18th.  I received a call today that I will be unable to train there.  Reason being vacations are coming up and people want to leave the state, which I understand.  Though, this is why its so fucked up, I talked to my coaches and set everything up when I first found out about the fight.  Now I’m sitting around looking like boo boo the fool.  As in all things, there is a silver lining, I can  go back to Indiana and train with the best team in the country, where things go wrong there is always something to make it right.

“Find a great purpose… strong ppl are strengthened by dynamic purposes…” Rev Run 3 hours ago on twitter.

Follow me next week as I continue on this journey to get on track and stay focused on this fight

I’m at 157-155 i promise you guys I will get a digital scale this Friday!

Chuck Giles


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