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Lisa Marie Varon: Can She Be the Female Brock Lesnar?


After the historic match between Gina “Conviction” Carano and Cris Cyborg Santos, there has been a buzz about how women’s MMA will start to take shape. Well it will come to know ones surprise that a female pro-wrestler has decided to throw her hat into the ring. Lisa Marie Varon aka Victoria (WWE) & Tara (TNA) has recently expressed an interest in entering the cage. Already comparisons to Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley have been attached to her and her desire to fight Kim Couture has been made known. Since her retirement from the WWE Lisa has been training in MMA and has been training in Brazilian Ju Jitsu for some time now before that and although she has not officially named her school in a blog she does have pictures with Helio Soneca and has mentioned that her coach also trains Rafael dos Anjos, which leads one to believe her school is affiliated with Gracie Barra. Also featured on her myspace pictures are her and Terri Blair who is a professional female boxer, whom she calls her “workout partner.” On top of all of that she has recently hired J.T. Stewart as her manager who also manages the former UFC Middleweight Champion and current Light-Heavyweight fighter Rich “Ace” Franklin.  Given these connections, or at least apparent ones, Lisa’s journey into MMA maybe a promising one, especially with the recent Santos vs. Carano fight. There are both positive and negative aspects to her journey that may come into play that will either benefit her career or cause it to be a relative “flash in the pan.”

Lisa Marie’s background as an athlete is well documented. She started out as a cheerleader earning an NCA All-American while in high school. She also won numerous Fitness and Bodybuilding titles while she was a personal trainer, before making the jump into professional wrestling in 2000. How does this all translate into a positive for an MMA career? Well as a professional fitness competitor she is used to not only training extremely hard, but also is used to cutting weight for competitions. She is listed as being five foot eight inches and one hundred and fifty-five pounds, which would put her into the largest and most competitive division in women’s mma. A self-described workout addict Lisa Marie also displayed great power and athleticism in professional wrestling. Never as big as some of the larger women wrestlers her strength seemed to be equal or only slightly less than her larger counterparts.  If one were to look into her signature and finishing moves it becomes apparent that she was seen as a powerhouse type of wrestler. In addition to power moves she also did moonsaults or a backwards flip “splash” into a pinning move. She sometimes did this from a standing position. After watching a few videos of her matches and having seen some on tv no one would argue that the women is athletic. It is obvious that athleticism is in her genetics as her older brother Bobby Sole was a gold medal wrestler at the Pan- American games in 1983.  Finally she has appeared on some of the biggest events in pro-wrestling so that should translate well into not being “nervous” because of a large audience. Pro-wrestlers are known to be tremendous athletes often working grueling schedules, so the work ethic and atmosphere of MMA should not be hard for her to adapt to.


But there are some proverbial roadblocks in Ms. Varon’s attempt to jump into the cage and perform at a high level. First and foremost, despite the pro-wrestling career, she has only recently started training in MMA. While most fighters come from some sort of combat sport background she does not, but instead comes from an athletic and sports entertainment one. While pro-wrestling is a grueling and demanding athletic occupation it is not a true combat sport and does not prepare its competitors for the nuances of fighting. Sure there may be some areas that translate well, but without a true striking element or real submission and grappling technique it is hard to say that its craft will prepare her well. In addition pro-wrestling has been known to take a grueling toll on its participants bodies and has been documented by many ex-wrestlers and active ones of the injuries that they accumulated throughout there tenure. Only Lisa Marie knows how much damage has been done to her body, but it is not like she is entering MMA with “limited wear and tear.” Finally, she was born Feb. 10, 1971 which means that at the time of this post she is 38 years old. At this stage in their careers many fighters are exiting the sport or on their way out. Sure certain ones remain on longer, like Randy Couture or Mark Coleman, and have had success, but there are many who have not. Chuck Liddell may serve as an example as he is will be forty in December. Granted he has fought longer than her and therefore been subject to many more strikes and such, but both began their respective careers within two years of each other. One has to wonder if her reflexes and “chin” are up to facing younger fighters with more experience.


With the enormous success of Brock Lesnar and to a lesser extent Bobby Lashley it was only a matter of time that more professional wrestlers would seek to make the transition to MMA, although this is not a new trend. But as the fighters pay increases and a less “demanding” schedule there are those who may consider the move. The fact that Lisa Marie Varon is attempting this should be no surprise given her background. The major question is that at this stage can she be successful? If she can make the transition quickly and with success, women’s MMA gains a viable star to add to the already growing roster. If she fights at 145 it adds another name into the mix to help build a following. If not does it really impact the sport? Only if she is rushed into the spotlight it would appear. But given her athleticism, strength, intelligence (she was on track to be a physician), and drive those who would bet against her or say definetly not might be in for a surprise.



Carano vs. Cyborg and the future of female MMA?

Awhile ago in a post I made the argument that Gina Carano was the most popular MMA in the world. I still stand by that remark, but after her fight with Cris Cyborg Santos on Saturday August 15 people may ask where she stands in the future as the “Face of Women’s MMA”? To that I can say that Gina will remain the more popular fighter out of the two (at least in the foreseeable future), especially in the U.S. Her combination of skill, personality, and good looks means that she will have cross cultural appeal to many people that other fighters male or female do not have. She is liked by both male and female fans for a wide variety of reasons and that will continue as long as she continues to have success in the cage. And before we put the proverbial “nail in her coffin” remember that this is Gina’s first defeat in a cage. And while her Muay Thai skills are well known, she is still a relative newcomer to the world of MMA having only fought MMA for three years and having eight fights. Santos for her part proved she is a serious fighter, for those of you who do not know. But she is herself kind of a “newbie” with only nine fights in four years. She has however come up in the Chute Boxe camp and has been around MMA for considerably longer than Carano, but that still does not mean that she is a seasoned veteran in her own right and as evident by the ground “skills” both fighters displayed Saturday, there is considerable room for improvement for both in this area. But after what had been billed as the “Biggest Fight in Women’s MMA” where do both fighters go from here? And what is the future of the sport? After some careful consideration of the events that transpired, both fighters answered some questions and left many open for debate.

As stated before Gina Carano will remain popular for a wide variety of reasons. In addition to her fighting, she has a lot going for her and will still find her way in the media and mainstream America and the World. But as a fighter Saturday offered a glimpse of what can come. One of the biggest problems in Women’s MMA seems to be the lack of “well rounded” fighters. This is more because in terms of a sport Female MMA fighters are more in their “infancy” stage than their male counterparts, not because of some “physical” weakness that some may propose. Most female fighters at this point appear to be good at one aspect of MMA (BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, etc…) but do not possess the well rounded skills necessary. Out of all of these skills wrestling may be the most lacking and this is because there is a lack of women wrestlers at the amateur levels when compared to their male counterparts. Gina like many female fighters comes from a striking style background which often does not translate into being able to easily learn a ground game or grappling style. This was apparent in her fight Saturday as she had a dominant position a couple of times and either stood up or Cyborg got out of. But just training extensively in a ground fighting style may not be the only aspect Gina needs to focus on, and that may cause more problems that not translate well into her MMA career.

The major problem that occurred during the fight was two fold for Gina. First Cyborg’s aggressiveness   was too much for her to pick a part as was her game plan according to Randy Couture. While this can be countered by skill, Gina’s problem was as stated above; she fell back on her Muay Thai background which is also a strength of Cyborg. A better rounded fighter may have taken the fighter to the ground or used a counter punching style like Anderson Silva or Chuck Liddell to counter an aggressive stand up. But Gina’s style of Muay Thai is straight forward and played into Cyborg’s game plan. It is easy to play Monday Morning quarterback, but the fact is that Gina was loosing the stand up war and had nothing to counter the attack of Cyborg. Many people will suggest more hardcore training in wrestling or BJJ to counter this and both are right, it really just depends on what style fits her more.

The second problem may not be easily rectified and that is Cyborg’s power. Gina’s problem making weight is well documented and truthfully it is really not a “problem” but perhaps a fact of nature. While she fights at 140 pounds, her non-fight weight is somewhat of a mystery. But at 5 foot 8 inches she appears to have a larger frame capable of fighting at a higher weight class. She never looks as lean or cut as Cyborg or other fighters in any of her fights and that may be the issue when it comes to adding more strength and power. By attempting to do so Gina may not be able to fight at 140 as it appears she would probably carry too much muscle on her frame. This is by no means saying that she is fat or soft at 140, but rather a simple fact of nature: muscle fibers are denser than fat cells and there for a smaller amount of muscle cells are denser than fat cells. If Gina were to attempt to pack on more power she would inevitably add more muscle and probably push her out of the weight class. This may present a problem as there is a lack of depth at the higher weight classes in Female MMA, perhaps not a lack of talent, but which lists female fighters has only eight fighters listed at 155 for example as opposed to the 14 listed at 140. Unless others drop down or move up a fight at an upper weight class may prove more difficult. Finally, weight cuts can deplete a fighter’s strength and power, as well as energy levels, so any gains may be lost in the cutting process.

Cris Cyborg Santos has the more interesting questions to be answered. Obviously Cris is not going to be marketed the same way as Gina is, but that does not mean her future is not bright. As far as fighting goes she is from a long line of Chute Boxe fighters, both past and present, all of whom have become fan favorites like Wanderlai Silva, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Anderson Silva, and Fabricio Werdum amongst others. Her aggressive style plays well to most MMA fans, both hardcore and casual; especially since her style is striking based and therefore should be a focus of any promotion of her as a fighter. The fact that she finished the most well known and popular fighter in Women’s MMA in the first round should garner her more fame and fortune, as well as fight fans. But is there a way to counter the promotion of Gina Carano’s “face of Women’s MMA” that is available to Santos? Obviously she is not the type to be featured in a pictorial in Maxim Magazine or other publications, so what venue does that leave?

In actuality in today’s day and age Cyborg can follow in the lines of other female athletes like Dara Torres, Serena and Venus Williams, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Florence Griffith-Joyner, etc… Many female athletes face the stigma of being “too muscular” by many, but they are first and foremost athletes and therefore train for high performance in sports. As long as women have been in sports there has been one group who has seen some athletes as being “feminine” and another who perceives some as being “manly,” but it would appear that many are starting to see them as what they really are which is athletes. Will that be for everyone? No. For every person who finds certain women athletes as attractive, there will those who will find them to masculine. That is a subject for another debate, but in Cris Cyborg Santos’ case an appeal as an athlete would go far in her career. There are probably many people male or female that would like to have abs like hers, so a feature of her training in a magazine that would feature such types of articles is not unlikely. She may not be a “supermodel” but nor does she pretend to be.

Female athletes have always had to walk a fine line between competitiveness and being perceived as feminine. During the 1970’s and 1980’s in women’s tennis Martina Navratilova and Chris Everret-Lloyd were two of the more popular female athletes on the planet (Navratilova held a record of 10-4 in head to head match ups), and both had their own fan base. Navratilova was seen as the more “masculine” by some, yet represented the superior athlete to others, while Everett-Lloyd was seen as the representation of “feminine” athletes. The argument continued about feminism and athleticism throughout their career and beyond, because once they had both left the sport newer tennis stars emerged to continue the debate. Now as Women’s MMA begins to garner attention the same debate seems to surface as well. If Cyborg vs. Carano match ups work out like the Everet-Lloyd vs. Navratilova match ups the true winners are the fans. If Carano adjusts her game and comes back stronger it will benefit MMA in general because the sport needs her at the top of her game. But it also needs Cyborg as well. Both fighters appeal to different senses and tastes of the MMA audience and with both of them as dominant forces they will both bring Women’s MMA to higher acceptability.

Goodbye Affliction You Will Be Missed!

To an MMA fan the “Heyday” of the sport was back during the PRIDE! vs. UFC days as far having the most drama. Who could forget the debates over Liddell vs. Wanderlai Silva, which was better the Octagon or the Ring, or elbows vs. knees/ kicks to a downed opponent, just to name a few. But what it always came down to was who had the better fighters and in both organizations there always seemed to be someone who could lay claim to the best in their division or best pound for pound fighter. This debate seemed to make the sport stronger and more intriguing to the fans because it did not offer an actual solution to the argument until PRIDE! was bought out by the UFC, and even then not every fighter came with the purchase. Also by this time some of the biggest names in both organizations just seemed to lack the match up potentials, like Liddell and Silva, because neither was seen as being at the top levels anymore. So the debate about PRIDE! vs. the UFC truly went unanswered for the most part, and the UFC seemed to be the only legitimate game in MMA.

But while there were other promotions who tried to come in to challenge the UFC, like Bodog, the IFL, and Elitexc, these organizations just seemed to always lack a single fighter let alone a division that could be seen as a threat to the UFC dominance of the sport, one did emerge that did have the potential to challenge the all powerful entity that closed the doors on their chief rival, as well as buying up another rising challenger (WEC). But in 2008 Affliction Clothing created Affliction Entertainment and began a rivalry with the UFC that had not been seen in a year. As the organization started to take shape it became apparent that they were concentrating on the fan favored heavyweight division as UFC stars like Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski signed with the company, as did former PRIDE FC stars Josh Barnett and Pedro Rizzo giving the organization instant credibility as having the deepest heavyweight division in MMA. But the icing on the cake was the signing of Fedor Emelianenko, arguably the best heavyweight and considered the best pound for pound fighter in the world by many fans and magazines. In one swoop Affliction Entertainment had made an organization that could challenge the UFC’s dominance right off the bat.

Affliction seemed to do the right things on paper: cross promotions with other organizations, bring in investors from sports and the business world, have fighters who could be seen as legitimate threats to the UFC’s, and get on a network or cable channel. The big bomb had already come before Affliction’s first event when UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture “severed ties” with the UFC, one of the reasons being his desire to fight Fedor, a contest that would not take place in a UFC Octagon. At the first event Affliction Banned, Couture was present immediately after Fedor’s thirty second dismantling of Tim Sylvia, again stating his desire to fight the Last Emperor. And despite the attempts of ZUFFA to block it people believed that Couture, Affliction, and especially Mark Cuban and the Donald Trump’s money would make this fight of fights happen.

But even at the first event the seams were coming undone. While the fights were entertaining the production quality of the show seemed lacking. There was a failure to sell out the arena where the event was being held and paid attendance was relatively low. Pay per view buys also seemed a little low after wards, which when the fighter salaries were figured in made the company’s first show a financial loss. But despite all of that management remained positive. They should have looked at something else, the fact that at the moment they declared Fedor the WAMMA Champion, the strength of their organization was getting ready to crumble. And the enemies were not really just at the gate in the form of ZUFFA, but they were from within and unknown.

Affliction was not done in because the mighty Evil Empire of ZUFFA and Dana “Lord of the Sith” White destroyed the Rebel Alliance (or any other movie scenario or conspiracy theory) it is because they built the organization around Fedor Emalianenko. It is not to be compared to EliteXc’s basing their whole organization around an unproven commodity in Kimbo Slice, but rather the problem was that they took a man unequalled at the time and stuck him in a notoriously weak division. It was the proverbial perfect storm coming true: a fighter unparalleled without a true adversary out there, sitting a top of a throne that could not support his greatness. The roster in Affliction proved to be not worthy of Fedor as he dispatched of Sylvia in thirty six seconds, the next challenger Andrei Arlovski faired better for three minutes and  fourteen seconds and until Fedor threw a punch. Barnett was the last really legitimate threat left for him, Couture having gone back to the UFC in September 2, 2008 with a three fight deal at the age of forty-five, destroying any hope of a fight with Fedor. The final nails in the coffin were driven in the month of July 2009, with Josh Barnett testing positive for a banned substance leaving no opponent for the August 1st Trilogy card. On July 24 Affliction Entertainment folded and announced a deal to partner with the UFC, mostly to sell their shirts there.

The company was promoted to be rebellious, but really was not anything of the sort as its shirts and organization are more mainstream than even the UFC is. But despite its business mismanagement it was not that which caused the downfall, but rather the opposite in terms of EliteXc. Unlike the limited skills of Kimbo, Fedor possessed too many skills and is perhaps the most well rounded fighter in the heavyweight division in all MMA. There is now Lesnar vs. Fedor hype, but it lacks the depth of the old Liddell vs. Silva days as Lesnar still needs to win a few fights and defend his belt (remember both of these fighters were cleaning out their respective divisions during this talk). But for a brief time Affliction held our attention and had a man that is one of the most dominant fighters on the planet who could walk into the UFC octagon and claim a title at anytime. Maybe Strikeforce will someday be a force to rival the UFC, but that seems to be in the distant future, if ever. But for now, as much as many fans may wish for the old rivalry days, there is only one game in town, and that is the UFC. Is this good for the sport? Opinions differ on that point. But it is reality, and that is sad. Because it limits the number of fighters and fights out there, but more importantly it takes away anticipation of the biggest match ups possible. And like the first hill on a roller coaster, sometimes the anticipation of that hill is better than the ride itself.

Dana the Heavyweight Division is Not Deep!

After UFC 99 Dana White responded to Mirko Cro Cops victory over Mostapha Al Turk and Cain Velasquez’s victory over highly ranked Cheick Kongo by stating that the Heavyweight Division is very deep or stacked (compared to a few years ago). With Andrei Arlovski’s loss to Brett Rogers and Tim Sylvia’s equally quick loss to Ray Mercer many UFC (Dana White MMA fans) might agree with the Dark Lord of the Sith that the UFC’s Heavyweight division is very deep at this point, this despite not having two of the highest ranked Heavyweights in Fedor Emelianenko and Josh Barnett in their ranks. With up and coming fighters like Velasquez and Shane Carwin plus a veteran roster of Couture, Mir, Nogueira, and of course the biggest name Brock Lesnar (who may not be a veteran but has a title). But is this a case of the “cream rising to the top” or that green film that covers say mayonnaise when it gets bad? Even if you do not compare the UFC’s Heavyweight division to others in the organization, is it indeed deep?
According to the UFC’s website they list a total of twenty-four fighters in their Heavyweight division and out of these two sport undefeated records and twelve more sporting three or less losses. Now if you look at the UFC’s Light-Heavyweight division (what many people say is the deepest) just to base records and number of fighters there area total of thirty-eight fighters. Three of these fighters sport undefeated records and there are seventeen fighters with three losses or less. So in terms of having fighters with strong records on paper the Heavyweight division seems to be able to hold that claim fairly well. Furthermore, two of these fighters with three or less losses (Mir and Lesnar) will meet to unite the championship at UFC 100, with an undefeated Shane Carwin more than likely to get a title shot in the near future. Add a rising Velasquez, hopefully a revitalized and recovered Ryan Bader, Junior Dos Santos, to the veterans and the UFC would appear to have a good number of “rookies” to throw into matches with veterans to offer a number of title contention match ups in the future. Dana appears to be a prophet!
But in reality the Heavyweight division has more holes and unanswered questions than answers and stability. It would appear that Dana was basing his assumption on the losses of Sylvia and Arlovski than what actually has transpired in the octagon recently. While he has been riding the Lesnar as the future of the UFC and the chance of him becoming a dominant champion, the recent wins in the division have done little to promote a “deep and competitive division.” At UFC 99 two highly ranked heavyweights fought in Velasquez and Kongo, with two others with suspect records also fighting in Cro Cop and Al Turk. Neither of these matches answered anything in terms of fighters and how good they really are. Velasquez defeated Kongo by exposing something that everyone thought was a weakness in his game which was wrestling and ground skills. Kongo was being touted as having an improved wrestling game after he defeated Cro Cop by taking him to the ground. But he never beat anyone who was a wrestler of Velasquez’s caliber and it showed that night. Velasquez for his part did display a tough chin and great wrestling, but he also showed no Ju Jitsu skills and a lack of power and ability to finish Kongo once he got him on the ground.
As far as Cro Cop and Al Turk goes, both came into the UFC with a level of hype that neither has lived up to. Eye poke aside Al Turk has been TKO’d in both of his fights, albeit by top level strikers, both in the first round. But Cro Cop is two and two in his UFC career losing to Kongo by decision after being taken to the ground by the Frenchman and of course being KO’d by one of the most devastating kicks in MMA history by Gabriel Gonzaga, who also has been lack luster in his UFC career except for that one moment. These two fighters who are both reasons Dana was making that statement are seen as up and comers who will vie for the heavyweight belt some day, but in reality perfectly illustrate what is lacking in the division, basically well rounded fighters who can defeat people who might be slightly overrated. Velasquez did nothing more than anyone expected neither did Cro Cop, their opponents had only one chance to win and that was to get the fight to go in a way they wanted (in Kongo’s case standing and Al Turk’s to the ground).
If one looks at the division it is really a game of match ups and styles, with very few fighters being able to offer a well rounded fight game plan like a GSP, Florian, Penn, Anderson Silva, or Machida. Looking forward to the Mir vs. Lesnar fight the idea that Mir will win is based that he will submit Lesnar again because Lesnar has no Ju Jitsu skills. Lesnar path to victory is to take Mir to the ground and pound him out. Any threat of a stand up battle seems minimal, although both have KO’d people in the past, it would appear that this will not happen. Further down the road you have Couture vs. Nogueira which again will be a ground game match up more than likely. But both these match ups lead to new questions can anyone of the “up and coming fighters” or veterans beat these guys? It would appear the answer would be no, except for Couture because of his age. If Velasquez were to fight Mir the way he fought Kongo he would more than likely be submitted if he could take him to the ground. Brock’s size would negate his wrestling and his power would probably crumble Cain in the stand up game. Cro Cop does not seem to be able to deal with anyone with a ground game so the likely hood that he would beat any of these guys without a “lucky” shot is also very long in the odds. Carwin is the wild card of this group because he has not really faced anyone who is considered a dominating fighter (Gonzaga is a second tier fighter at best), but it would appear that his abilities are not on the level of these top tier guys right now.
So in the UFC Heavyweight Division it would appear that you have two dominant fighters in Mir and Lesnar, each with opposing styles, to fighters right below them in Couture and Nogueira both who are being said to be at the end of their careers and only one of which may be able to make a run at the title in Nogueira. Below them are a bunch of fighters who while holding decent records on paper seem to offer little in the way of being able to answer the questions about their skills in other areas. If Velasquez cannot take out Kongo on the ground what chance does he have against getting a Lesnar or Couture to the ground or against Mir or Nogueira once there? Can Cro Cop keep a fight standing against any of them? Can Carwin actually beat one of these guys in any one area? After that the rest of the division seems to be lacking in title contenders, unless Ryan Bader makes a complete recovery, and even he has more questions than answers. Unlike other divisions there does not seem to be the need to have a tournament or some sort of ironing out of the heavyweight title contenders because aside from the top four anyone else seems to be mere speculation. So unless Fedor and/or Barnett signs in the UFC and adds more competition to the mix to the division, it would appear that Dana is wrong in saying that the division is stacked or deep. This may appear to be nit picking, but when compared to a few years ago when Arlovski, Sylvia, and Couture held the belts there seems to be little difference in the level of fighters in the Heavyweight division.

Fight Stuff: Affliction III, A Dana White “Announcement” and an awesome MayheM quote

Remember that awesome fight that all the sites were saying was official between Vitor Belfort and Gegard Mousasi? Turns out it can possibly not happen if Belfort does not agree to fight at a catch weight. Belfort wants the fight at 185 while Mousasi rather not cut weight anymore. If this fight doesn’t happen it will be a loss for the now un-rumored Affliction III event August 5th. The event will still have the headline fight of Fedor vs. Barnett, but the rest of the show could be BS if things don’t work out between the two. Not only is this an awesome match up, it also will be a very entertaining fight with someone getting stopped.

Someone needs to go back in time and fix this, Terminator style.

Seems like all MMAmania does is scavenger hunt down quotes. Here’s another awesome one from Jason Miller:

[The illegal kick] was a mistake. Jacare calls me a clown and disrespects me all the time, headbutted me and opened a cut on my eye. If he could’ve done it to me, he would have. I’ll beat the shit out of him legally next time. What’s he gonna do? Submit me? LOL Kayo me? LMMFAO. (more…)

Everyone Tweets


The tweet above was found by Chicago’s MMA and apparently the UFC has to take a page out of basketball and fire some guy named Dan White.

Bloodyelbow took their time to compile the best tweets, twitpics and ramblings from the MMA stars as well.

Some of my favorites

“Already prepared for machida!! should i start drinking my piss like him??” Rampage Jackson (more…)

Why is Arguably the Most Popular MMA Star Not in the UFC?

In the June issue of Maxim magazine there are two MMA superstars featured in different ways. There is a decent article and interview with Brock Lesnar which is worth the read (providing you can get past the pictures of Moon Bloodgood). But the more interesting part is what happens when you first open the magazine and an advertisement for Pontiac featuring Gina Carano pops out. Now despite GM’s economic situation they are still a major corporation and advertiser and featuring an MMA athlete (it is a contest to attend an MMA fight in Vegas with her) is still a coup for the sport. And anyone that has followed her career so far knows that she also famously appeared in a Pepsi Super Bowl ad and was featured on American Gladiators. Add that she has graced the pages of Maxim, where she ranks in the top 20 of the magazines hottest women, and other magazines and well you get it, she’s popular! (more…)

Video: Dana White’s Appearance on Jimmy Fallon

Herring Off UFC 99, Cro Cop vs. Velesquez?

Heath Herring has been forced to withdraw from UFC 99 due to an illness. Maybe those Germans are poisoning all the UFC 99 fighters?

Speculation is great because it allows us to see all the options the UFC has, like having Cro Cop fight Cain Velasquez. (more…)

FAIL: Miletich and Caplan Break up with WAMMA

WAMMA managed to get even more insignificant in the MMA world today, with news breaking that Pat Miletich and interim COO Sam Caplan have stepped down from their positions. The departures are not amicable and I’m sure there were some feelings hurt. Caplan couldn’t stand the stupidity after only 6 weeks, as he was supposed to be there for 3 months. I’m surprised he could lasted that long because WAMMA is just dumb. (more…)