Dana White Denies Several Rumors

Dana White loves rumors.

Dana White loves rumors.

By Garrett Bailey

UFC President Dana White is on rumor patrol. White was on Carmicheal Dave’s CBS Radio show and revealed he had no knowledge of a June meeting with Fedor Emelianenko to bring him in the UFC. Fedor stated in an interview with Dreamfighters.com that he and Dana White were going to discuss a potential matchup with Brock Lesnar.

White says:

“No.If that’s true, that’s awesome. I’d have to hear that from him to believe it. But if that’s true, I’d love to meet with him. I’d love to.”

Fiveouncesofpain is also reporting that Dana White is deflecting new rumors that the UFC is up for sale after news that Station Casino’s could soon be bankrupt. Dana White said that Station Casino’s and the UFC are kept separate and the UFC isn’t effected by the potential bankruptcy of the Fertitta owned Station Casino’s.

“Trust me, don’t worry about the Fertittas being in any soup lines any time soon, okay? They’re doing just fine (and Station Casinos) has nothing to do with the UFC. And all of the people who think the UFC is going to get sold and I’m going to get fired, keep dreaming.”

Yes on Fedor. No on UFC sale.


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